Monday, March 31, 2008

It is a self correcting problem

On the CBC radio this morning, on The Current they had a piece on a service from Consumer Genetics, the Pink or Blue test to determine the sex of a fetus as early as 7 weeks in to a pregnancy.

There was a lot of hand wringing over if we should let those filthy immigrants, with their backward ways, use this. Given half the chance, these backwards people would probably start aborting all over the place, so they could only have babies of their preferred sex.

I want this to happen. I want this to happen so much.

Let's pick a random ethnic group, say Australians (oh gawd, I hate them so much! coming over here, stealing our jobs and our women, with their crazy digeridoo music and their surfing! They're all descended from criminals, you know.) Say Australians really like to have boys, not girls, it's a cultural thing.

Say down in little Australia (you know, in the east end of downtown, near all the BBQ shops and the boomerang warehouse), all the shelias start only having little boy Australian-Canadians. In a generation, there aren't going to be enough girl Australians for all these Crocodile Dundees, they're going to start marrying outside of the community. The generation after that, the family will hardly be Australian at all.

It's a problem that fixes itself. Any culture that strongly favors one sex over another, when they're inside a larger culture like Canada, gets washed out.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Synchronicity Part III

I never though my interests in kitchen gadgets and medieval torture implements would overlap.

Synchronicity Part II

My day was going great today, until I left the house. Nothing makes a day like finding a dead rat in your laneway. Poignant reminder of mortality and the ephemeral nature of life, and also a rotting lump of parasites and plague.

Anyway, Penny Arcade (apparently) made a comic about it for me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The hulk vs

The Hulk vs Yonge & Carlton


I just got an email, and I'm not sure if it's viagra spam or not:

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